The fast lane

The rationale for the Fast Lane is also the biggest challenge with which RS INDUSTRIES had to contend: A public transportation Lane that sells its surplus capacity to the use of private vehicles, while guaranteeing traffic at a velocity of no less than 70 km/h. The work we conducted as part of this project included the installation of a highway control system, toll system, billing system, electronic sign system, traffic surveillance system, communication system, control room and video wall.

The system that was installed is a dynamic toll system, that modifies the price according to the congestion of traffic in the lane and guarantees a steady velocity of 70 km/h through the entire length of the lane. In addition, this system renders it possible to charge each vehicle a different price, according to the congestion in the name and changes in traffic conditions.

We succeeded in doing so by developing a special algorithm that modifies the price every minute according to real-time traffic load data and making the anticipated traffic volume. This algorithm is challenging to the toll system, that must be updated in real time with the current price of the fare, implement the billing to a handful of vehicles, while modifying the price immediately, in accordance with changes in traffic volumes.

Services provided in the project

  • בקרת תנועה
  • בקרת כבישים מהירים
  • שילוט אלקטרוני בכבישים
  • מערכות צפייה בתחבורה
  • מערכות אגרה ובילינג

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