About RS Industries

RS INDUSTRIES is a leader in providing control solutions since 1971.
As the exclusive Israeli representative of Yunex Traffic – A Siemens business we are positioned at the forefront of technology in each of the areas where we operate, in terms of design, performance and ongoing maintenance.

We believe in providing high-quality, professional and optimal services and we have therefore invested in human resources. Our success begins with teams of professionals who handle top-notch global technology on a daily basis and are capable of transforming complex technological challenges into simple implementable tasks, thanks to their accumulated experience and limitless creativity. Each of our dozens of employees, on our design, construction and maintenance teams, has been selectively hand-picked so as to allow us to proudly proclaim that they are incredibly skilled in terms of their know-how, professionalism and talent.

Our areas of specialization:

Traffic management system

Traffic-light management system control

Tunnel management system

Highway management system

Electronic signs on roads

Traffic surveillance systems

Toll and billing systems

Pneumatic conveyor systems

In an age when thousands of vehicles take to the road every day, there is the need for advanced controls notions and unique technology to ensure that everyone reaches their destination on time. We possess 40 years of proven experience in the performance of complex projects in infrastructure hardware and software development throughout Israel.

RS INDUSTRIES- Creative Technology for Creative Control.