Pneumatic Tube Systems

Large organizations require an internal conveyor system for the rapid transfer of information, tests and urgent paperwork. The pneumatic tube system is backed by computerized control and constitutes a fast, readily-available and secure solution.

Pneumatic tube system is transferred in cylinders that are propelled through a system of pneumatic tubes and constitutes a solution for sending tube system – of various sizes – within large organizations. The pneumatic tube system is intended for hospitals, industrial plants, large manufacturing sites and public institutions and operates by using a bellows that provides suction and compression power. The material intended for delivery is placed in cylinders of various sizes; the sender then inputs the address of the recipient department or laboratory into a central computer system which then proceeds to navigate the cylinder to its destination. When the cylinder is collected from the tube, the line is free for an additional shipment. All of the operations are supervised by especially innovative and advanced command-and-control technology.

Pneumatic Tube system – Faster and More Accurate
The pneumatic tube system travels at a speed of up to 6 meters per second, with the possibility of dispatching cylinders with a size of up to 30 cm, weighing up to 17 kg. These dimensions render it possible to send numerous products, such as: Points, wallets with bank notes, medical tests, spare parts, chemical samples, etc. The dedicated tubing system reduces the shipment distance to the absolute minimum, achieving maximum efficiency in terms of the utilization of time, along with savings in salaries and personnel.

Pneumatic Tube system – For Safety and Information Security
In organizations where it is crucial to maintain confidentiality and information security, the pneumatic tube system ensures that the sent items arrive to the right hands. The tubing system is hidden from view and enables sending the cylinders directly to their destination, without being transferred from one hand to another and without being exposed to any elements that are not involved in the process. The process is backed by a computerized control system that ensures the maximum security of each shipment, while increasing efficiency and providing a high-quality solution that is directly expressed in the company’s bottom line as well.

RS has established pneumatic tube system systems at the Rambam Medical Center, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Poriah Medical Center, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Assuta, Mizrahi Bank and more…

Pneumatic Tube system – The Solution for Safe and Rapid Dispatch!