Yunex Traffic – A Siemens Business
The multinational giant is the world’s largest manufacturer of traffic control systems for tunnels, highways, traffic lights, computerized control rooms, infrastructure for municipal traffic control, management systems for large parking lots, software and management tools for nationwide traffic systems. Design tools. The company is an expert in the construction, financing and management of large-scale toll road and congestion-guided billing systems for toll roads. Highways, tunnels and traffic light control systems for huge urban centers.


With 40 years of experience in the Dutch in global market, Siqura specializes in the manufacture and provision of camera systems, control systems, data collection systems, digital recording systems and VMS. The company provides tracking, photography and control systems for highway use, tunnels, security organizations and mission-critical plants throughout the world.

The largest multinational company in its field, Aesys is based in Italy with branches in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Canada and the United States. The company possesses over 30 years of experience in display technologies, LED electronic signs for roads, tunnels, bus stations, train stations, municipalities, public transportation and information delivery signs.


This parking meter giant numbers over 500 employees at its German plant and is a global leader in the manufacture of parking meters, payment stations, parking control systems, charging of smart cards for public transportation, computerized mailboxes and automatic mail systems.



Dozens of years of experience and uncompromising quality are the Eyevis trademark. This German company specializes in display systems for control rooms, large size displays for command and control rooms, simulators, video walls and monitors for control rooms. The company employees rear-lit LED and LCD technology.


Since its establishment in Austria in 1956, Forster has been offering a wide range of innovative products, prismatic signs for highways and tunnels, acoustic walls, traffic engineering, emergency lighting, shelving systems, direction signs, standard traffic signs and prismatic signage.



The company, that started as a small family business, has grown to become a huge company based in Germany, that manufactures and markets tubing forpneumatic mail systems, PVC tubes and cable protection systems.


As a company that was established over 50 years ago, Telecom is a leader in the manufacture and design of pneumatic mail systems that serve for pneumatic shipments and are installed in hospitals, banks, fuel stations and process industries.


A global manufacturer and provider of software solutions and support services for traffic management and improving traffic safety. Back-office solutions for processing traffic violations, such as red lights and speeding, using cellular phones, parking violations – in the service of police and civil enforcement agencies.


A German company with over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of barrier systems for Tamils, highways, toll roads, railways, parking barriers and sliding gates.


was established in Germany over 50 years ago and is a global leader in signal requesting equipment for traffic lights, buzzers for the blind and road traffic technology.


multiGuide is a leading company in the field of parking, the company manufactures guidance systems in parking lots that indicate the number of parking spaces in the parking lot and how many free spaces are available.

Divided into a wing, or a floor in a parking lot and individually where there is a free parking space. When a user enters the parking lot he is guided to reach a free parking space without spending much time looking for a parking space.

The company also manufactures parking meters and control systems for parking meters with advanced technology and very good German quality.


The company specializes in emergency communication systems as well as in viewing and recording systems in public transportation, trains, and buses.
Emergency radio systems are systems that are installed in tunnels and allow radio communication of the emergency forces such as medics, firefighters, and the police inside the tunnel.


An international company offering solutions in the traffic lights, detection, parking and e-mobility segments. The company produces user-friendly products with top quality and design. The company set new standards for the industry with bold ideas, combining a constant willingness to innovate and dogged persistence with a natural straightforward approach.


The company has been based in Switzerland for more than 35 years, and specializes in managing control rooms, real-time data imaging, video wall controllers, and smart keyboards in control centers.

In Israel, we established, among other things, the control room systems of Netivei Israel – the National Traffic Company.


The company was founded in Sweden more than 30 years ago, specializes in the design and manufacture of prismatic signs for transportation and industrial needs but also for shops, exhibitions, and public places.

The signs allow a multi-face display of 3,6 or 9 different messages in one sign.


The Belgian company, which specializes in event identification systems in tunnels using a special algorithm, also specializes in the development of thermal imaging systems, video analysis, and advanced detection systems. The company has 25 years of experience and 80,000 event identification systems in tunnels installed in more than 500 traffic tunnels around the world.


The company was established in the UK nearly 40 years ago, specializing in video and graphics solutions for control centers. Among the products that the company provides, you can find software and controllers for video display walls.