Carmel Tunnels

In the Carmel tunnel, we installed electronic sign systems with over 120 signs, surveillance systems with over 100 cameras, installation of systems for automatic incedent detection, possessing the ability to identify objects falling from or vehicles stopping along each tunnel. In addition, we installed a video wall in the control room as well as a system of smart barriers. Working on the tunnel was especially challenging due to the need to cover and identify events throughout the entire 10 km tunnel. We overcame the problem by designing systems from Traficon and Siqura, that allow for a sophisticated infrastructure solution.

Services provided in the project

  • בקרת תנועה
  • בקרת מנהרות
  • שילוט אלקטרוני בכבישים
  • מערכות צפייה בתחבורה

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