Arazim tunnel

The Arazim Tunnel was an unusual challenge due to the structure of the project as a turnkey project for the entire tunnel systems FMS&TMS . The work included the electrical systems, lighting, ventilation, traffic control, electronic signs and prismatic signs (huge signs that display messages on three faces), automatic event detection and identification systems, surveillance systems, communication systems, construction of the video wall in the control room. We were required to perform an integration of all the systems, while meeting strict and tight deadlines. Who overcame the problems using electronic signs manufactured by AESYS , prismatic signs manufactured by Forster, event identification systems by Traficon and cameras by Siqura. The video wall was manufactured by EyeVis.

Services provided in the project

  • בקרת תנועה
  • בקרת מנהרות
  • שילוט אלקטרוני בכבישים
  • מערכות צפייה בתחבורה

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